Disclosure Policy / Disclaimer

Disclosure Policy

BIPROGY continues to be actively involved in IR activities, designed to provide our shareholders and investors with appropriate and timely information.

Basic Disclosure Policy

In conformity with the Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations regarding timely disclosure, BIPROGY discloses material information. The Company also has a policy of making fair disclosure of information which it considers will be effective in promoting an understanding of BIPROGY.

Disclosure Method

Disclosure of information includes not only the disclosure of material information in accordance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations regarding timely disclosure, but also the prompt publication on our website of relevant information once publication as required by the regulations on insider trading under Japanese Securities and Exchange Law has been completed. Information not covered by the timely disclosure regulations may also be disclosed in the spirit of timely disclosure. This is done in a timely and fair manner, e.g. through distribution of documentation or on our website. Please note that in some cases, information carried on our website may be phrased differently from information distributed through other means.

Quiet Period

The Company maintains a "quiet period" from the day following closure of accounts until earnings results are announced, in order to prevent leaks of earnings information, and to maintain impartiality. During this period, it is the Company's policy to refrain from responding to questions or making comments regarding earnings. However, if during this period it becomes likely that results will vary greatly from forecasts, an appropriate announcement will be made in accordance with disclosure regulations.


Information received from the BIPROGY website should be used in conjunction with reference to both this Disclosure Policy and the Disclaimer below.


Please ensure that you understand the following conditions satisfactorily before using our website.

Forward-Looking Statement

BIPROGY plans, forecasts, and strategies on our website which have no basis in historical fact are forward-looking statements, based on our assessment of the information to hand at the present time. Please be aware that actual results may differ considerably from forecasts, due to fluctuating risks and other uncertain factors and changes in economic conditions.

Investment Decisions

Information placed on this website is intended to further understanding of BIPROGY, and is not intended to solicit investment. We request that investors make their own investment decisions.

Accuracy of Information

While due care is exercised over website contents, please note that the Company is in no way responsible for problems due to download of data or erroneous information.


The Company offers no guarantees regarding information on websites accessed through links from our website.