Research & Innovation Policies

BIPROGY Research and Innovation Policies

"Quickly Turn Ideas into Reality"

The mission of the BIPROGY Group is to "achieve a society which is friendly to people and the environment with our customers using ICT." ICT has become essential to business and our lives, and its importance has increased in technological evolution, in solving societal issues and in protecting the environment.

ICT companies must increasingly have plenty of ideas to meet the needs of society and customers. Our Group’s Research and Innovation vision is to quickly create services from these ideas. Our research and development organization focuses on promoting researchers who evaluate domestic and overseas technologies with a global view, combine the technologies effectively, perform activities in a quick manner, and always seek to further his or her high expertise.

BIPROGY Technology Research and Development Center

The BIPROGY Technology Research and Development Center was established in January 2006 as the research and development organization of the BIPROGY Group.

Its missions are to provide the following:

  • Software that transforms "data" into "valuable information"

  • Information system methodologies and architectures that support the enhancement of corporate value

  • Technologies that support social platforms

In recent years, we have been working on projects that lead to innovation in the areas of environment, health and customer touch points, based on research in data analytics and management, coupling real and digital worlds and artificial intelligence.

Our Main Initiatives

Sky Radiation Simulator

We are conducting technological research on "Sky Radiation Simulator" that simulates the sun's rays looking up from the ground. This technological research is conducted for each wavelength of solar ultraviolet rays related to deterioration of structures and human health, visible solar rays related to plant growth and landscape, and solar infrared rays related to heat. The energy intensity and integrated value are calculated according to the date and time, the place, and the irradiation direction.
For example, you can quantify and visualize the sun's rays, such as calculating the hourly insolation intensity of a location by wavelength band or drawing an image of a sky map.

Data Analytics and Management

Database management, which started from materials management, is management activity that retrieves the required amount and volume of a data set of a certain quality at an appropriate cost and that provides the data set to the requesting party in a timely manner.

With the development of cloud computing, data sources have moved outside of the organization, making it difficult for individual organizations to centrally manage the data. BIPROGY has been researching data integration environments and data modeling in addition to our previously accumulated knowhow in data analytics to provide individually useful information for predicting the future from huge amounts of data. Since much of the mining and analysis work using data in the cloud handles sensitive and/or personal information, we are also working on the development of technologies and policies for "data protection" and "data anonymization" and for continuous control of data.

Expanded Transaction Data

Coupling Real and Digital Worlds

One of the issues with distributed computing is how to achieve effective interaction between humans and information technology. Research in virtual reality (which focuses on the relationships between the real world including humans and virtual worlds created by information technology) has been growing as a solution to this problem.

In the business world, 3D printers have become popular in addition to NC (Numerically Controlled) machines as a technology to generate real-world objects from models created in virtual spaces. On the other hand, the technologies that generate the digital objects from the real-world scanned data obtained by 3D measuring instruments such as CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scanners and contactless measurement devices are still lacking in precision, BIPROGY is working on research in this area by advancing our rich knowhow obtained through developing our CAD/CAM/CG product and polygon processing.

Real World & Virtual World

Artificial Intelligence

Novel algorithms for massive data computing in parallel have evolved together with the advancements in computing platform technologies. Such algorithms push back the frontier to where machine learning are applied.

Machine learning technologies, such as image recognition and natural language understanding, which enable autonomous agent to recognize the world --- and behave upon it have especially been gaining attention. At BIPROGY, we are working on artificial intelligence that communicates and cooperates naturally with humans by means of combining machine learning, common sense --- knowledge about the world we are in --- and nuances of words.

Common-Sense, and AI



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