BIPROGY Technology Research & Innovation

BIPROGY Technology Research & Innovation was established in January 2006 as the R&D organization of the BIPROGY Group.

Our vision is to "transform technology into value for humankind, society, and businesses to create a sustainable future." Since we use the power of technology to develop a future that is not a simple extension of the current path, we value conducting research through quick and patient hypothesis building and testing by building, breaking down, and rebuilding, along with the expression of "quickly bringing ideas to life."

Research Activities

With our two pillars of "application demonstration research and social design research" for achieving social implementation of technology by focusing on people and society and "advanced technology research" which focuses on advanced technologies around mathematics, system engineering, and life sciences, we deliver technologies that contribute to the development of humankind, society, and industries.

- For Human
- For Society
- For Industry
- For Next Technology

For Human

We strive to create IT technologies that can be used to extend healthy life expectancies, accelerate material and psychological support, and expand human potential by scientifically unlocking the human mechanism from various angles to improve people's well-being.

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For Society

We are working to explore logical frameworks for solving social issues and to solve specific social issues by applying technology to industries and businesses through field experiments.

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For Industry

We aim to provide digital technologies that help industry to establish safety and security as well as improving convenience in a world where IoT/CPS and digital twin environments are increasingly becoming a part of our lives.

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For Next Technology

We are researching ways to connect the physical and virtual to the extreme by using mathematics, algorithms, and calculations to create a new information space.

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You can see a partial list of BIPROGY affiliated researchers in the researcher information database "researchmap" which is maintained by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.