Solutions & Services

Solutions by Industry

Financial Services

Solutions for the age of global competition, including next-gen core banking system, branch system, CRM, and risk management.


Supports the success of customers by combining solutions spanning production control, sales management, procurement management, const management, as well as design and development to break-fix and services, accounting and human resources, with services such as cloud and outsourcing.


Achieve shorter time to go-live by using our know-how gained through our track record of building systems that span the entire supply chain from production to transport, storage, and sale, and that support various channels including physical stores, e-commerce sites and call centers. Flexibly supports changes in your business.


We provide service-type solutions for the transportation industry that do not require initial installation fees or server and system admin fees. We support your safe operation and improved business convenience.


Our cloud service solutions contribute to the wider use of renewable energy and promotion of deregulated energy markets as well as reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Central and Local Governments

Our solutions and services support digitaized public services, helping achieve effective government services using information.


Our ICT solutions provide better efficiency and quality for applications used in the pharma industry, including drug application to medical rep sales activities and data management/analysis.


Our solutions help the comprehensive reengineering and streamlining of hospital management by achieing centralized hospital data management and use as well as seamless hospital workflows.


We provide service platforms for the optimal tourism and travel experience by supporting the entire pre-trip, trip, and post-trip phases for the transportation and travel industries.


Our solution covers all functions required in the core leasing business. Our flexible system supports various business environment changes including streamlined management needed in indstry reorganizations and regulatory changes.


Our solutions support the use of ICT in education. We work with the customer to solve issues facing the education field.


We provide a content management system that allows the centralized management of media journalist and editor workflows including news gathering, content sharing and publishing.

Social Insurance

Health insurance societies coming to a crossroads, the ever-complicated annuity work… we use our expert knowledge of the health insurance and annuity businesses to help customers solve their problems.

Solutions by Use Case / Purpose

Digital Transformation.

Businesses of the future will need to compete on digitization usign technology. We use our insight and technology to help customers achieve digital transformation.

Workstyle Reforms

We support the customer's workstyle reforms by integrating technologies including AI and RPA.

Artificial Intelligence

Under our vision to solve the society's issues, we provide solutions designed with the right combination of AI and data to help improve businesses and lives.

Robot Deployment Services

We aim to realize a better future in the big business ecosystem which is a society where robots actively participate.


Blockchain is an effective distributed ledger technology for bilding ecosystems. We support the application of blockchain technology to your business.


We provide platform services to build an IoT system. One example is our IoT camera used in the farmers market support service.

Service Design

Using design thinking, we help customers design the customer experience for services from the user's perspective.

Agile Development and Support

We help customers improve business agility by applying agile methods to the customer's development and operations.


We provide the DevSecOps framework to help digital services go to market quickly and to balance agile and coutinuous service improvement with security.


We are a one-stop provider of various services from the latest ICT technology deployment to IT service management, cyber security, business processes, and intelligent operations.

Environment and Energy

We use ICT to support energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions for realizing a society that is friendly to people and the environment.

Travel and Inbound Tourism

We aim to create tourism ecosystem services that achieve stress-free travel for international tourists visiting Japan.

BCP, Disaster Measures

Our solution supports quick decision making for timely action in disasters where unexpected problems occur continuously.

Remote Monitoring

Our cloud-based video monitoring service can be installed anywhere and requires no network installation and no intial fees.


As a security integrator, we make sure that the customer's business infrastructure is safe. We provide solutions that specialize in authentication security to cope with attacks that target user login activity.


Our platform enables users to execute marketing initiatives based on actual purchase data and to perform various social contribution activities.

Cashless Payment

We work with various partners to form an ecosystem to support the shift to a cashless society.

CXM (Customer Experience Management)

The customer experience in the ever-diversifying purchasing process needs to be managed for improved customer loyalty. We help manage and make use of various data that can be gained from customer touch points.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer focus is always important. We provide our rich CRM analysis know-how and exceptional technical skills to help achieve consistent customer service and maximum customer lifetime value.

Data Usage

We provide the concepts and the solutions to enable companies to make quick and appropriate decisions.

SRM, Electronic Procurement and Purchasing

We provide SRM solutions and implementation serivces that support strategic procurement including streamlined procurement processes and the selection of optimal suppliers.

Logistics Solutions

We propose initiatives that leverage our various services and channels by making the logistics activities visible.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

We help Japanese companies that need to quickly adapt to changes in the environment by supporting the planning, building, operating, and improving of their management information systems.

Workplace / Facility Management

We provide implementation, sales, and related services for the IWMS/FM solution Archibus - a solution developed by the U.S.-based Archibus, Inc.

Storage Service Platform

We help solve social problems related to life and the home environment by using IoT and cloud technologies to provide speedy services in cooperation with service providers.

Corporate Training

We provide services covering corporate in-class learning as well as e-learning and traing courses to support the development of IT talent.

Cross Border Business

We realize digital commons together with our customers through the provision of digital solutions and businesses that are not conscious of national borders.

Technology Infrastructure and Services

Technologies and Experts

Using our technical capabilities nurtured through our long history, we propose the best environment to solve the customer's issues.

ICT Platform Solutions

We support the quick and high quality implementation of the customer's ICT infrstructure to support various types of system usage in a world that is increasingly shifting from ownership to use.
・Cloud Services
・System Platform (Product Sets, Development Standards)
・Digital Business ICT Infrastructure
・Web Development Platform
・O&M, Dev Support, Integration Platform
・Next Generation Unified Application Platform
・UI/UX Design
・Information Security
・Centralized Authentication, Account Management
・IT Platform Optimization
・Thin Clients


Hardware, middleware and related services that support various systems. We can support a wide lineup from multiple vendors to propose the optimal platform for customers.
・Enterprise Servers
・Open Source
・EAI, ETL / information system interfaces
・Microsoft Products
・Oracle Services

Lifecycle Services

Overall system optimization over the entire lifecycle is reviewed to keep costs down and to achieve agile business activities, providing services that span business process reforms to ICT discovery, construction, installation, support, operation, and training.
・Consulting - IT platform optimization
・Consulting - overall
・Installation, environment construction - facility design
・Operation & maintenance - support & services
・Education and training