CEO Message

Noboru Saito Representative Director, President & CEO, CHO

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your continued support.

I have officially stepped into my new role as President and CEO of BIPROGY Inc. as of April 1, 2024.
In line with our company philosophy of "Contributing to the creation of a society that is friendly to people and the environment together with everyone," we will take the baton which has been infused with the enthusiasm of past generations, and work with our stakeholders to realize the creation of a sustainable society in which everyone can live happily.

We changed our name from Nihon Unisys, Ltd. to BIPROGY Inc. in April 2022.
Looking back to our roots, Nihon Unisys' predecessor, Nippon Remington Univac Kaisha, Ltd., was established in 1958 when we started to operate primarily as a mainframe supplier. In 1967, we began the first online banking processing in Japan. In 1988, Nihon Unisys, Ltd. was formed with the equity of Unisys Corporation. As a system integrator, we have expanded the scope of our value offerings. Furthermore, through our business ecosystem with customers and partners in a wide range of industries, we have worked to solve larger issues and create value that cannot be achieved by a single company alone. In the meantime, we have faced unprecedented crises and social issues, including extreme weather conditions at the global level, and we have reconsidered our raison d'etre in an era of unpredictability. In 2021, we defined our purpose as follows:

"Create a sustainable society using foresight and insight to unlock the full potential of technology."

The change in corporate name to BIPROGY Inc. precisely expresses our determination to society as we aspire to resolve social issues to realize a sustainable society and are determined and prepared to become a company that creates social value. BIPROGY is an acronym for the seven colors (Blue, Indigo, Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow) that you can see when light is refracted or reflected. This philosophy incorporates the idea of "mixing the colors of a wide variety of people to shine light on a new path in a chaotic society," and "changing the value we provide in response to changes in society and the environment just as the colors of light change in response to circumstances."

In fiscal 2023, the final year of our previous Management Policies (2021-2023), we revised the target figures of our Group upward after we reported our third quarter results. Our share price also reached a new record high, reflecting the fact that companies have been actively investing in DX to increase their corporate value.

Over the past three years, we have made steady progress in customer DX and social DX, and we have firmly solidified our footing to realize our Vision 2030 of "We will develop the Digital Commons which is a platform that helps create a society in which everyone can live happily." We will steadily create social and economic value through both core and growth businesses in the new Management Policies (2024-2026) in order to be a company that society can count on to solve social issues together. In growth business areas, we will proactively invest in global business, to cultivate new markets and deepen our presence in growth markets, and in social DX businesses that contribute to solving social issues, thereby generating new earnings pillars. In core business areas, we will further strengthen areas where we have strengths by focusing on and selecting businesses, and we will invest the earnings into growth businesses to create a virtuous cycle. In addition, as the foundation to support these businesses, we will dynamically reallocate management resources strategically while at the same time strengthening BIPROGY Group management to maximize synergies.

We will continue to strive to build trusted relationships with society with management transparency so that we can continuously provide surprising and experiential value that exceeds expectations through ecosystems with a wide range of stakeholders in response to the expectations of society.

*Digital Commons: Communities and mechanisms that continuously create value through co-creation, enabling the widespread use of tangible and intangible assets in society as shared materials with low incremental costs through digital capabilities in order to create a sustainable society.

In order for BIPROGY to become a truly attractive and unique presence for customers and society, we believe that it is of utmost importance for each and every employee of the Group to refine themselves, to be motivated and proud, and to shine with a sense of excitement. We believe that the wellbeing of all staff members will illuminate a new path for society as the light of BIPROGY, and we will continue to work diligently to create the future together with all.

Noboru Saito
Representative Director, President & CEO, CHO