In the more than 60 years since providing Japan’s first commercial computers, BIPROGY Inc. has contributed to forming and developing Japan’s information service industry by developing systems and providing ICT services that support society and industry.
With this experience and track record as our backbone, we are working in partnership with our customers and other companies to create value that enriches society and to achieve a sustainable society.

Building on our past achievements in creating new social values, BIPROGY renews its commitment to further contribute as a member of society. We aim to achieve sustained growth with our company group working towards a common goal under a newly clarified Purpose as the group’s long-term role in society as well as its Principles and Vision 2030 and the newly established Management Policies.

BIPROGY Overview

Basic information about our company, including corporate profile, management policies, organization chart and access to our locations.

Research Activities at BIPROGY

We are engaged in various research activities under our mission to work with our customers to achieve a society that is friendly to people and the environment using ICT. Our Techonology Research & Innovation Center focuses on evaluating domestic and international technologies from a global perspective, efficiently combining them, performing activities with speed, and training researchers for continuously improving their high levels of expertise.