Correction to the Report on the Loss of USB Flash Drive Containing Personal Information for Temporary Special Benefits to Local Resident-tax-exempt Households

June 26, 2022

We hereby extend our deepest apologies to Amagasaki residents and parties concerned for any significant anxieties and concerns caused by the loss of material information which Amagasaki City entrusted us with.

As a result of our continued efforts to confirm the facts of the incident at our company, we have found an error in our responses to questions from the media during the press conferences held on Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24. We hereby provide a correction as follows.

1. Object of Correction
Name of company to which the subcontractor employee who lost the USB flash drive belongs.

2. Correction
Company to which the subcontractor employee belongs:
Before correction: Aifront Co., Ltd. (
After correction: subcontractor of Aifront Co., Ltd.

We would like to refrain from publicizing the name of this company because the particular individual involved may be identified due to the size of the company. It is our company which is responsible for the lost USB flash drive. Again, we extend our deepest apologies.

3. Additional Remarks on Correction
Our company had outsourced a part of the “temporary special benefits work service” to Aifront Co., Ltd. However, we have since confirmed that the employee who lost the USB flash drive belongs to a subcontractor of Aifront Co., Ltd.

4. Future Fact Confirmation
Our company will continue to confirm the facts with related parties. We will also fully cooperate with the third-party panel to be established by Amagasaki City. Our company will also consider establishing our own independent panel.

- End of Document -

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