Apology Regarding “Lost USB Flash Drive Containing Personal Information” for Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

June 23, 2022

On Tuesday, June 21, in relation to the temporary special benefits payout administration for local resident-tax-exempt households etc. for which our company had received an order from Amagasaki City, an incident occurred where an employee of our subcontractor lost a USB flash drive containing encrypted personal information data.

We hereby extend our deepest apologies to Amagasaki residents and parties concerned for any significant anxieties and concerns caused by the loss of material information which Amagasaki City entrusted us with.

The data on the lost USB flash drive is protected by a password, and its contents are encrypted. As of 13:00 on Thursday, June 23, we have not confirmed any leakage or illegal use of the personal information by third parties. We have filed a report with the police regarding the loss of USB Flash drive. We are also making every effort to find the device and will continue to monitor the situation.

While our company has always positioned the ensuring of information security and protection of personal information as our material issues and has performed the maintenance and operation of information management and has provided training and guidance to all of our group employees and officers as well as our subcontractors, we take the occurrence of this incident very seriously and will enforce, review and improve our information management organization and operation as well as re-enforce training and guidance to all of our group employees and officers and subcontractors to prevent a reoccurrence.

Contact information for inquiries regarding this incident: