Notice of Establishment of Management Policies (2024-2026) of the BIPROGY Group

April 30, 2024

BIPROGY Inc. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Noboru Saito) announced that it has formulated the BIPROGY Group Management Policies (2024-2026) for the three-year period from fiscal year 2024 to 2026.

Based on its Purpose and Vision 2030, the BIPROGY Group has been promoting initiatives throughout the Group in accordance with the Management Policies (2021-2023), achieving sales growth and organizational culture reform by using digital technology in collaboration with customers and partners to address social issues.

In the new Management Policies (2024-2026), the following basic policies have been established:

  1. Increase corporate value by establishing a sustainable business portfolio

  2. Optimize the allocation of business resources

  3. Strengthen the Group’s management base

Based on these basic policies, the Group will clarify our focus areas, establish areas of strength, and enhance our value proposition. Additionally, we will establish a new earnings base through proactive investments. The BIPROGY Group aims to be recognized as a group that strives to resolve social issues in collaboration with stakeholders, create both social and economic value, and pursue management by ambidexterity to achieve sustainable business growth.

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