Nihon Unisys Connects with the Retailing Platform for Airline and Travel Industries from JR Technologies Aiming to Form a New Travel Ecosystem in the Transportation and Tourism Fields

- Obtains NDC Certification Level 4 To Provide One-Stop and Seamless Travel Content Services -

Dec. 21, 2020

Nihon Unisys is developing the travel product distribution service platform Offer Links with the aim to form a new travel ecosystem in the transportation and tourism fields. To strengthen its capabilities in air travel, the company has started a connection with the platform for the airline and travel industries provided by JR Technologies (Head office: Ireland, CEO: George Khairallah, hereinafter referred to as "JRT"), a leader in New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order(*1) providing the Aerostream Full Retailing Platform which enables next-generation airline distribution and retailing.
In conjunction with this connection, Offer Links from Nihon Unisys obtained the highest level of NDC certification, Level 4 (*2). Nihon Unisys is the first IT provider in Japan to obtain NDC certification Level 4.
Offer Links is a service platform that provides comprehensive support for travelers from before the trip to during and after the trip and supports the creation of new businesses by enabling passenger transport and tourism companies to provide new products and services. By connecting with JRT's Aerostream Full Retailing Platform(*3), a one-stop marketplace where not only airline products can be sold but also where domestic transportation and tourism operators can provide their own as well as other companies' products in a seamless manner will be achieved.

NDC is a new standard for airline distribution that enables direct sales between airlines and sellers i.e. travel agencies, corporate customers, mobility suppliers etc. Ancillary services (supplementary products for airline tickets such as in-flight meals, lounge pass, and in-trip merchandise) that were previously sold only on the airline's official website can be sold through travel agencies using rich content such as photos and movies. As a new communication standard that enables the handling of more attractive and diverse airline products, the standard has attracted attention from airlines and travel agencies worldwide.

With Nihon Unisys obtaining NDC's highest level of certification Level 4, the company can now provide Offer Links services suitable for customers in Japan while integrating global standards in the airline and travel industries.
By coordinating with JRT's Aerostream Full Retailing Platform, we can provide all travel-related services to domestic transportation and tourism operators in a one-stop and seamless manner through online channels.

Through this business alliance, Nihon Unisys will efficiently support domestic operators considering the creation of new businesses in the transportation and tourism markets and aim to form a new travel ecosystem in the transportation and tourism fields.

“The Nihon Unisys and JR Technologies Alliance allows flexibility for vendors to promote their products and passengers to have easy access to services regardless of the channel.” says George Khairallah CEO of JR Technologies.

“We are excited to be able to evolve the Japanese unique travel ecosystem in line with NDC as global innovative new standard in aviation distribution in collaboration with JR Technologies.” says Yoshiaki Koishi, General Manager of Passenger Transportation Section, Nihon Unisys.

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  • About JR Technologies

    JR Technologies is a leader in promoting distribution reform in the airline industry and is an industry leader in NDC and ONE Order(*1) advocated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Established in Chania, Greece, in 2015, JR Technologies Innovation Center has designed a next generation Full Retailing Platform. With representation in Athens, Greece, Orlando, Florida, Detroit, U.S.A. and Headquarters in Ireland, JR Technologies supporting Airlines in their distribution and ONE Order strategy by enabling transition towards their Shop, Order, Pay and Delivery goals.

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  • About Nihon Unisys

    Nihon Unisys is a Japanese information technology (IT) company that provides services such as cloud computing and outsourcing, sales and leasing of computer systems and network systems, development and sales of software, and various system services to a wide range of customers in the financial, public, transportation, and distribution industries.

  1. NDC and ONE Order(*1)

    Acronym for New Distribution Capabilities. NDC is a new standard for airline ticket distribution data developed by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), an industry group of airlines.
    The NDC Standard enables the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations.

    The IATA ONE Order program aims at simplifying airline reservation and accounting systems by gradually phasing out PNRs, ETKTs and EMDs and replacing them with modern “internet-era” Order records.

  2. Aerostream Full Retailing Platform(*2)

    A platform provided by JRT for airlines and travel agencies. A system that offers airline merchandise options that are optimal for travelers and centrally manages the resulting orders. It is a service platform that conforms to NDC standards, providing personalized offerings for travelers, and contributing to the expansion of the business domains of airlines and agencies.

  3. NDC certification Level 4(*3)

    NDC certification Level 4 indicates compliance with messages to ensure post-order status and change management of each product, in addition to comprehensive offers and orders centralization for airline tickets and ancillary products. By supporting Level 4, travelers can experience smoother travel throughout the entire process from shopping for travel to actual travel.

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